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Data Center

Data Center


The Uptime Institute Certified Tier III Data Center is ground breaking for Myanmar. Tenants will have access to up to 90 server racks which will be professionally managed and maintained. The IT systems in place will provide the tenants within the building with internet download speeds that are unprecedented in Myanmar. The gen-sets will assure consistent power supply allowing for a world class, secure environment in which to host and store information.The Data Center offers co-location services and supporting facilities for tenants within the building and is available for lease from external clients.

Taking rack space within the Data Center allows tenants/external clients to save considerable costs and maximise the net usable floor area of their office suites. Not having to construct and fit-out a network server room in the commercial space, and spend considerable cap-ex on equipment and installation services, is a significant benefit. The Data Center team will take care of all of your IT needs, saving you time and money.

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